Net-flow Solutions Online Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution

Online Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution


We have three questions for you:•    

  • Do you know if your backups are secure with the highest level of encryption?
  • Are you 100% positive your backups will really work when needed?
  • Would your business survive if all of your onsite data was lost to a natural disaster or a a simple server hardware failure?

With Net-Flow Solutions’ Online Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution you can! 

The following are standard Technical Challenges many face when researching a backup solution:

  • Identify the best-cost, highest-performance data backup medium (tape vs disk vs cloud) based solution
  • Keeping abreast of the latest and greatest solutions in the industry
  • Ensure that all backed-up data is encrypted and secure from theft
  • Ensure that backed-up data can be restored to different kinds of hardware
  • Ensure that data backup continues even during active recovery phases

How it works:

The Online Backup Solution features an onsite disk-to-disk bit-level backup solution that allows for fast recovery of files, databases, email, and bare-metal system restores.  PLUS: our Online Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions’ onsite unit provides virtualization of your servers decreasing downtime from days to hours if you experience a hardware outage.  The backed up data on the onsite unit is highly compressed and encrypted at 256-bit, then transferred across the internet using an additional 128-bit encryption to redundant offsite storage insuring data security and meeting regulations.  The solutions offers built-in archiving to rid yourself of costly tapes, offsite storage facilities, and downtime while waiting on restores along with 24/7/365 Monitoring and Management insuring data integrity.  Basically, our Online Backup Solution is a pre-built business continuity plan for you that can pass any audit and meet any compliance standard, including SAS70 and HIPPA regulations.